October 2001


To help those who face emotional and physical challenges from their lives daily

Special Thanks:

To all of Billy's friends, our sponsors and our volunteers who make this event possible

About the William J. Martin Foundation

Shortly after the events of September 11th 2001, a few friends were sitting at a New Jersey Devils game - - the tragic loss of our friend Billy Martin wouldn't leave our minds. This senseless twist of fate that took Billy from us would not define him; his legacy was far greater than that.

His charm won over many friends over his lifetime, and many of those friends were also trying to come to grips with his tragic end. The thought then occurred that Billy's wealth of friends should be brought together to remember his laughter, his thoughtfulness, and his love of life.

What better place to do this than one of Billy's favorite places, a golf course. And while we are gathered at a golf course, why not make something positive out of the event and keep Billy's spirit alive by helping others in his name. The more we spoke the more creating a foundation made sense. The rest is history. After 21 outings, close to $625K has been raised in Billy's name. Old friends get together and keep his memory alive. New friends feel his spirit and feel as if they knew him. We will continue this foundation as long as we are able - - and Billy's spirit will live on.