Born on: August, 31 1966
Born in: Brooklyn, NY
Military: Navy
College: Seton Hall University


Sport Teams: NY Giants & NY Rangers
Pastime: Golf
Beer: Harp

About Billy Martin

William Martin was a foreign currency trader for Cantor Fitzgerald in NYC. He was a graduate of Don Bosco HS in Ramsey, served in the Navy for four years and a 1993 graduated with honors from Seton Hall University. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Upper Saddle River and lived in Hoboken for many years before settling to Denville.

William Martin was someone that after meeting him once, you would never forget. He cared very much about his family, friends and loved ones. He not only was the life of the party, he threw the party! He was an avid golfer, he never admitted to scoring higher than 100; when he did, the score was always "99". He was a TRUE Giants football fan and never missed a home game. His tailgate parties at Giants Stadium were legendary.

Billy liked to be the first and he liked to be the last in any situation. He was often the first to spread anyone's news and often the last to get the last word in. He had those eyebrows and New York accent. A unique combination of his mother's warmth and humor and his father's generosity and gregariousness. He was indeed their "Little Prince".

We remember his wedding day, his amazing smile and proud face. We remember watching the towers crumble with him inside, just wanting to catch him like he had done for us so many times before. Some of us may not remember the last words spoken or even told him how special he was or even thanked him for his friendship. We can only hope that he already knew.

When good men die their goodness does not perish, but lives though they are gone. He is survived by his sister Laura and his niece and nephew Emma and Owen.